Parker Variable Frequency Drive 200 HP

Parker Variable Frequency Drive 200 HP

$19,500 (USD)


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Parker SSD Drives AC890PX, 890PX, 150/200HP High Power Modular AC Drive, 460V

This drive unit was part of a prototype project that was completed. They finally gave the okay to liquidate the equipment. It has had little to zero use. Someone spent a lot of time and money putting this together. If you can use it, you will not find a better one cheaper.

Part Number Breakdown: AC890PX/4/0215/B/01/A

890: Standard High Power Drive

PX: Modular Stand Alone Drive

4: 380-460V AC Nominal

0215: Power / Current Rating of 110 kW, 215 Output Current, 150HP

B: Braking control including internal brake resistor (200kJ/2.4kW) and thermal OL protection provided

01: Bottom cable Entry

A: Advanced Performance

Make: Parker SSD Drives Division

Model: 890PX

Part Number: AC890PX/4/0215/B/01/A

Type: High Power Modular AC Drive

Serial Number: 1240US00155

Firmware: 3.8

Induction Motor Ratings

Constant Torque Power: 150 HP

Constant Torque Output Current: 200 A

Variable Torque Power: 200 HP

Variable Torque Output Current 250 A

Maximum current w/o overload: 255 A

PMAC motor ratings

Constant Torque Output Current: 140 A

Variable Torque Output Current: 180 A

Price............$19,500 ........................


Model: 890PX
Serial NumberAC890PX/4/0215/B/01/A
Stock NumberAC890PX/4/0215/B/01/A