Amada 4000 Watt CNC Laser

Amada 4000 Watt CNC Laser

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Here is a nice running Amada 4000 watt Laser. This laser is currently under power in MN. It can be inspected in plant under power.

NOTE: We will dissemble and load on your carrier as long as buyer has their carrier available on the same day as the new one is delivered. (Late January)

This Laser has been maintained by Amada and the same maintenance Tech since original new purchase. All maintenance records are available in a PDF.

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Make: Amada

Model: FO3015NT

Serial No: 37511543

Year: 2007

Control: Funuc

Equipped with 5'x 10' Shuttle Table

FO 3015NT Standard Features (Note: Specifications Subject to Buyers Verification)

The FO 3015NT is designed and engineered to reliably and economically cut all types of material in a full range of thicknesses.

* Maximize utilization with minimal setup between jobs

* High speed processing of thin and thick materials

* Operator-friendly Windows based network compatible control

* X-Axis “dual drive” rack & pinion gantry for precise location at the fastest speed

* High-speed pallet shuttle

* Cast iron frame for superior stability

* Water Assisted Cutting System (WACS TM) uses an adjustable water mist to absorb heat generated by the cutting process

* 5′ x 10′ maximum sheet size

* 3150 IPM maximum X- and Y-axis speed (4454 IPM max. at 45 degree vector)

* 2362 IPM maximum Z-axis speed

* 4000 watt CW laser source utilizing the latest technology to improve optic life.

1.1 Motion Package

Travel Method: Stationary table, X, Y and Z-axis movement for cutting head

Control Method: X, Y and Z simultaneous 3 axis control

Drive Motors: Fanuc AC servo motors

Maximum Sheet Size: 61″ (Y) x 122.8″ (X)

Maximum Axis Travel: 61″ (Y) x 122.8″ (X) x 7.87″ (Z)

Maximum Axis Positioning Speed: 3,150 inches per minute (80m/min) per axis (4,554 inches per minute 45o vector.

Maximum Speed Z-Axis: 2,362 inches per minute

Positioning Accuracy: 0.0004″/20″

Maximum Material Weight: 1,875 lbs.

Assist Gas: 4 ports with NC pressure Control

Machine Footprint: 385″ x 107″

Machine Weight: 12 Metric Tons

Electrical Requirement: 208V, 3 Phase, 60Hz, 10KVA

1.2 CNC Controller

Model AMNC-F

Display: LCD Color Graphics Display

Control Function: X, Y, Z-Axis Simultaneous and Focus Lens B-axis, Adaptive Optic and Laser Power control (CW, Gated Pulse, Pierce Routines etc.).

Data Input Method: Touch screen, Keyboard, Ethernet, Wireless, CD, USB, 3 1/2″ Floppy disk

Minimum Command Unit: 0.0001″ (X, Y, Z)

Minimum Travel Unit: 0.0001″ (X, Y, Z)

Standard Memory: 2 MB

Hard Drive: 10 GB

Operating Modes: Automatic and Manual

Display Modes: Program Contents, Position Information, Program Check, Settings, Parameters, Beam Diameter Compensation, Assist Gas Status, Self Diagnostics

Interlock Displays: Cooling Water Status, Gas Pressure Status, Vacuum Status, Turbo Blower Malfunction, Shutter Status, Beam Power, Resonator Discharge, Door Open, WACS.

Electrical requirements: See Motion Package

1.3 Laser Specifications AF 4000C Oscillator (Resonator):

CW Power: 4,000 Watts

Peak pulse power: 5,000 Watts

Maximum material thicknesses

Carbon steel: 0.75″

Stainless steel: 0.375″ CleanCut (TM)

Aluminum: 0.375″

Equipped With:


Dust Collector

Price..............................$47500.00 sold s is as inspected.


ManufacturerAmada 4000 Watt CNC Laser
ModelFO 3015NT
Serial Number37511543